A toll booth to enter Kailua? How would this effect our residence?

So recently there has been a stir in the community and there have been rumours going around that the government might introduce a toll booth on the borders of Kailua. Toll booths have always been seen as this evil force which just hinders the development of the community by pestering commuters to give money. However, things might just be different for a city like Kailua HI. This article will discuss the good and the bad that can come out of this situation.


The most obvious setback that our city might face is a net loss in tourism. Kailua is famous for its beautiful beaches and natural greenery. However, we must admit that there are other cities that can boast of having the same things as well. And if they don’t implement toll booths, some tourists might just jump ships and avoid coming to Kailua all together. Sometimes small factors such as this can affect tourism to a large extent. This may also prove to be a hassle for the daily commuters who go in and out of Kailua every day. Having to pay the toll tax every time they leave the city can be a real pain. However, this can be easily circumvented with the proper implementation of a concession scheme for daily commuters. We must also see the other side of the argument, as it can illuminate why the toll booths might be implemented in the first place. The road leading into the city hasn’t been maintained in the best way it can be in the last few years. Adding a toll booth will reduce the traffic to a certain extent. On top of that, it will also provide additional funds to the government so that the roads can be repaired.


The voters have been complaining about this problem for a long time, and this may be the government’s answer. Even though tourism may take a hit initially, people will eventually get used to paying a little extra for a chance to travel the scenic roads of this beautiful city. So even though it may seem like a bad thing at first, toll booths may have some hidden benefits that will end up helping us in the end.


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