Be a Part of Kailua Chamber of Commerce Board Members

Kailua is a growing town that needs people who can handle its rapid success. There are volunteers who are taking care of some endeavors in the town and most of them are small business owners and leaders of the commercial community in Kailua. They are called the Kailua Board which is composed of executive committee, directors, and community liaisons. They meet and discuss projects in the town like Kailua events, for instance, the Independence Day Parade. They are also responsible on being updated with the Kailua news and even the Hawaii news. With these planning and pondering, they create opportunities for the residents and improve the Kailua living. They open the doors for those who want to experience Kailua as tourists and those who want to put up their business in the town. They even manage to give instructions to those who want to move in and show them what kind of life the town can give them.

It takes a person to be smart and responsible enough to be part of the Kailua Board. Since the Kailua Chamber members are volunteers, it is quite easy to join. You just need, of course, to be a resident of the town and is willing to experience how members do their activities. Once that person becomes a Kailua Chamber member, he is now eligible to be part of the Kailua Board. An extra dedication on elevating the Kailua living, an extra effort on organizing Kailua events, and an extra sweat to make positive breakthroughs in Kailua news and make it known in Hawaii news are needed to be a candidate for Kailua Board. A member could be nominated for the vacant board positions if he shows that he can be a nominee. The nomination will be petitioned by the Nominations Committee in September.

The Kailua board is composed of 5 executive committees. These are positions for the president, 1st and 2nd vice president, the treasurer, and the secretary. On the other hand, there are 10 directors and 3 community liaisons. These Board members are also responsible for their designated committee, which is for communications, legislative, membership, awards/events, e-commerce, Kailua Information Center, and for the Independence Day Parade. For those who want to be a volunteer, they must contact the Chair for more information.

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Be a Part of Kailua Chamber of Commerce Board Members
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