Beautification Project for a Better Kailua

A small town with a big heart, Kailua is one of the places in Hawaii where tourists would want to go first. The town usually hits the Hawaii news because of its unique culture that celebrates various Kailua events. Its environment reflects the booming Kailua living and the people of the town are doing their best to preserve the town’s beauty. As much as possible, they work and do their best to always have positive broadcasts in the Kailua news.

Kailua is rich in parks and beaches. Tourists are attracted to these beaches that’s why the residents must do something to maintain its cleanliness and beauty. The streets and structures in the town must also maintain their distinctive and unpolluted appearance because it would give the tourists the impression of clean Kailua living.
According to the Kailua news, there will be a project that will contribute to the maintenance of cleanliness in the town. It is called the Kailua Beach Park Beautification Project Phase II and will be held on March 14, Saturday. Kailua Beach Citizen’s Patrol, Windward Neighborhood Security Watch, and Kailua HPD Community Policing Team will lead the project, mainly to beautify the beach park. They encourage the residents, even kids, to volunteer and join, as this project will surely be fun and helpful.

To be held in Kailua Beach Park Boat Ramp Area, volunteers are encouraged to help with painting over graffiti, picking up garbage, and other tasks to beautify the Neighborhood Beach Park. All the equipment are provided, including water, gloves, supplies, and a light lunch. This project will start 9 AM and is expected to end around 12 PM.
It was known in the Hawaii news that officers of Kailua are regularly organizing such projects because they are prioritizing the sanitation and preservation of the natural beauty of the town. They make funds for the projects, including the tools to be used and food for the volunteers.

Aside from the exciting Kailua events, the people of the town also give importance to what makes the tourists go back. They are aware that they should prioritize not only the commercial and cultural aspects of the town, but also its pleasing appearance and sanitation.

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Beautification Project for a Better Kailua
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