Charging tourists for beach access? Would this be good or bad for Kailua?

A recent proposal that is waiting to be passed is whether tourists should be charged for beach access in Kailua Hawaii. This question presents with it numerous ambiguities that need to be dealt with. First off all, the crux of the matter depends on how much the tourists are actually charged whether it is a nominal fee or a substantial one.


Charging tourists for beach access is not a very rare practice. It is done in a lot of beaches around the world. First and foremost, the most significant change may be the cutback in the number of tourists that visit the beach. Kailua has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it is inundated with tourist traffic. While this is almost always a good thing, sometimes the authorities have some problems in handling the crowd. Lifeguards are one of the most important groups of people around the beach, and they need to be paid well in order to do their job to the best of their ability. If the authorities are able to collect more money, the lifeguards can be paid more fairly. Cleaning the beach is also a tremendous task that needs to be attended to. When the beach is not cleaned and the tides come in during the night, the remaining garbage goes back with it into the ocean. This thereby also harms the environment. A less populated beach is a good thing for the tourists too. Nobody likes a rowdy beach where there is no sense of law and order. Charging people makes sure that only the people, who really want to be at the beach get in, and the vagabonds and homeless can be kept out.


Of course, as long as the fee charged is only nominal, the beach will still enjoy its steady stream of tourists. Adding an access fee won’t really discourage the people from coming, and it will also instil in them a sense of responsibility for the environment that they are in. All in all, charging people to access the beach will only provide some minor hurdles, and will mostly be helpful at large.


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