Dead Fish Hit Kailua Beach

Last year, in the morning of the twenty second day of July, a number of dead fish and other aquatic animals washed up on Kailua Beach. The view of the water that used to be picture-perfect and breath-taking became brown and dirty. As a matter of fact, the people of this city tried to throw the fish back in, in hopes that they could help. However, the fish immediately jumped back out almost faster than it took for such to be thrown back in.

The reason of such event was not because of sewage, unlike what people in this place expected. Their initial assumption was that the water was contaminated. They also suspected that some type of bacteria or fungus had caused such event. Those impressions, however, were wrong. It actually was a runoff from the marsh and canal of Kawainui. A huge volume of rain from the people’s storm drains was flushed out and pushed the aquatic animals out of the water. During that time, the Department of Health advised the people of this place to avoid going to the brown water. It was not only due to the fact that doing so would be disgusting, but also because dead fish attract sharks. Additionally, a shark could have mistaken a human for food due to poor visibility. Those scenarios could go all wrong in different levels. Despite that, some tourists in this place still went on the water for their surfing lessons. Nevertheless, they got out of the water after considering the fact that a lot of fish died and they probably would not want to be in that water and deal with the risk of the same happening to them.

This event that happened to Kailua more than a year ago reminds the people of this city of how important and essential land management practices are. Also, this happening shed some light regarding the significance of building and constructing reliable storm water design that would be efficient and effective to prevent these things from happening again in Kailua. After all, the beauty of Kailua Beach is something that all of us who are from here should nurture to the best possible way we can.


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