Does the town of Kailua really need a mascot?

For those who don’t know yet, Kailua Hawaii is often cited as Hawaii’s best beach and at the same time, it is one of the best choices for surfing and bodysurfing, not only that but Kailua also has the largest wetland in the Hawaiian Islands (Kawai Nui Marsh). If you’re thinking about a holiday in Kailua, you have plenty of ways to spend your time like boat tours and water sports; you can visit some museums, go shopping or have a tour. It sounds really fun so far, doesn’t it?


Think about this now: what if the town of Kailua would have a mascot to represent it, something that would wear a kapa, which should be a must regarding the Hawaiian traditions. It is said that mascots are luck bringer, but if you just arrived in town of Kailua, you are one of the luckiest people alive to be in such a wonderful place. The apparition of a town mascot can influence some of the tourism and local budget and it would be a new attraction to kids. People can be effortlessly amused by a mascot with a funny look and it could lighten up every mood. Something like a town mascot would give even local accessories creators new ideas for souvenirs and not to mention how amazing it would be to see a mascot making hula dance or surfing. It would be something like a dose of amusement recommended daily. Not only that a mascot would help increasing good will and budget, but it can also help creating an image of a certain town, in this case Kailua. There are several towns in the world having an own mascot like Shrek the Unshearable Sheep in Tarras, New Zealand, Fungie the Dolphin, Dingle, Ireland or Hamish McHamish the Cool Cat in St. Andrews, Scotland, but in a town where tourism is a major part of the economy, every way to improve it is more than welcomed. So let’s consider this thing: people love new stuff, so why not offer them something more to love?


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