Goals and Mission of the Kailua Board

The Goals of the Kailua Board are:

  • Invite and maintain small and medium businesses that offer a wide variety of quality products and services
  • Observe businesses and check if they comply with rules, laws, standards, and regulations
  • Provide necessary guidelines for starting businesses in accordance to rules, laws, standards and regulations
  • Exude an attractive and favourable environment to draw customers and businesspersons
  • Embrace and beautify the culture of Kailua through the use of local products
  • Promote and support natural and locally made products unique to Kailua
  • Place high importance on the utilization of local products to support the local industry and commerce
  • Establish a healthy atmosphere and engage in good practice and habits among companies
  • Improve and maintain socio-economic development in all aspects
  • Support and patronize local businesses whose foundation rests on and practices values such as honesty, integrity and equality.
  • Create equal opportunities for local farmers and  entrepreneurs alike
  • Provide significance, pride and self-worth to each member of the Chamber
  • Be accessible to customers and business owners and resolve issues and concerns immediately
  • Engage and promote communal gatherings that uplift the integrity of the local people
  • Create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for locals and visitors
  • Promote a sense of genuine belongingness wherein active community members are inspired to help one another despite of differences
  • Penalize businesses that continue to cause direct harm and destruction to the physical environment


The Mission of the Kailua Board is:

To strengthen the communal spirit by meticulous selection of selfless individuals who must have a strong sense of responsibility and genuine in serving the community without expecting anything profitable by nature in return, embrace both local and international commerce of goods and services in Kailua, circulate significant business information that is open to the public for transparency purposes, appreciate the natural beauty of Kailua to attract visitors not just from nearby cities but from all around the world, promote the growing prosperity and livelihood of Kailua, encourage businesses to give something back for restoration purposes, display genuine interest and be involved in the community’s affairs, and protect the environment from damage that may be inflicted due to the nature of a business.


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