Kaapuni Drive to Be Restricted: A Pointless Idea

The stunning beach of Kailua is one of the town’s bullets to positively hit the Hawaii news when it comes to tourism. Aside from celebrating some Kailua events there, the beach also serves as a proof of how clean and fresh Kailua living is. By observing it, a person can tell that people of Kailua are really into maintaining the cleanliness of the town’s environment.

Nevertheless, there are houses and privately owned lots along the beach for rent for the tourists. These private owners are concerned of their properties being used by the public, that’s why they want these accesses to the beach to be restricted. According to the Kailua news, they want to put up a gate in Kaapuni Drive so that their properties will be secured. Maybe this was triggered by the reported stealing and free use of their properties as parking lots.

This motion of gating Kaapuni Drive causes many of the local residents mad. They said that the beach is public; therefore, the access to the beach must also be open for public. According to them, these private sectors probably just want to increase the fee they charge to their occupants because of the privacy that the gates will give to the tourists. In other words, they have their hidden agenda in this restriction.

What these residents are mad of is that the restriction will punish not only the punks that they are targeting, but also the regular residents of Kailua Oahu who have no bad intentions of using the beach. They say that the volunteers who conduct beautification and cleaning projects in the beach will be greatly affected because the next nearest public access is a half mile apart. Kailua events like this project are very important to the town especially in improving the environment and the Kailua living. The authorities don’t have to make solutions for illegal doers that may greatly affect the lives of other residents. They encourage the leaders and officers to talk with the people and be open with the concerns of both the private and public sectors.

As for now, these petitioners are pushing these protests to the Kailua board members, but they cannot contact them. They may probably get this in the Kailua news, or even in the Hawaii news, if they don’t get any response from the authorized people.


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