Kailua is often cited as Hawaii’s best beach. For those who have not been to Kailua, you need to have this place as your dream paradise. The rich history and culture of Kailua Hawaii will leave awe to your heart. The steady trade winds of Kailua make it one of the world’s preeminent windsurfing destinations. The hospitable people complement the tropical breeze and the blessed ocean of Kailua.


When I first stepped in Kailua, I wondered where in the world its name comes from. I asked the concierge of the hotel where we were staying if he happens to know its etymology. I was appeased with his well-versed knowledge about the history of the place. He said that Kailua, in the Hawaiian language, means “two seas” or “two currents”. A contraction of the words “kai” means “sea” or “sea water” and “elua” means “two”. It is so named because of the two lagoons or the two currents in the district which run through Kailua bay. One of my unforgettable practices in Kailua, which I personally tried to perform, is “Ho’oponopono”. According to the local residents, it is a cultural practice of reconciliation and forgiveness usually combined with prayer.


Since I have known Kailua as a popular windsurfing destination, I must not fail to try it, of course. My adventurous spirit overwhelmed my cowardliness. It was my first try, so the feeling of being nervous was inevitable. Though I failed with the first few attempts, the important thing was the experience of conquering my skill in windsurfing. It ignited my willingness to try windsurfing again in Kailua.


The place will never be completely labeled as paradise if not with its hospitable people. One cannot enjoy a heavenly place alone. There must be people to whom one can share his or her amazement and happiness. Thanks to the welcoming people of Kailua. They added the beauty of the place. During my stay there, they never failed to accommodate me. They made me not to wonder why the US President Barack Obama pays his annual vacation with his family in the paradise of Kailua.


I can never forget the moments I spent in Kailua. Its amazing history and culture gave an additional learning to my hungry mind. Its pacific wind tempted me to try windsurfing. Its hospitable people left a special smile in my heart. Indeed, Kailua is the best place in Hawaii and in the world.


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