Kailua Oahu – Who is Senator Jill Tokuda of Kailua?

Jill N. Tokuda is a Democratic member of Hawaii. She has been representing District 24 of the Hawaiian Senate since 2006. Her other profession is being a program development and communications consultant. She received her secondary education at James B. Castle High School and continued her tertiary studies at George Washington University where she graduated with B.A. in International Relations and a Minor in Japanese Studies. She is 38 years old. She is a mother to two sons named Matt and Aden and a wife to Kyle.


Her current legislative committees include:

  • Chair, Education
  • Member, Higher Education
  • Member, Technology and the Arts
  • Member, Ways and Means


Tokuda tackles the growing issue of homelessness in Kailua Hawaii and stated it as being one of her top priorities. She has communicated with important members of the community such as service providers, state agencies and law enforcement officers to reduce such numbers. She needs to increase the awareness for the homeless to have access to local services and shelter centers that is very much needed. Statistics reveal that forty percent of the homeless population in Hawaii has jobs. She wants to increase their opportunities for long term sustainment by providing more affordable housing for families and workers.

Another priority she takes pride in is increasing and improving the standards of public education. She is proud how her position as a policy maker, being chair of the Senate Education, has been implemented in schools. She wants to work on a couple of things that will improve the education system by attending to maintenance and repair needs, redirecting lessons that focus on student learning and extending the classroom areas of school buildings.

At her current position, she would like to tackle issues that need to be improved. This includes making a legislative law that supports for families and working women, improving public health and access to care based on innovative resolutions, developing publicly funded early learning systems for young children and strengthening partnerships among businesses and non-profit organizations with educational systems to transition eager students to excellent contributors to the economy.

Kailua Hawaii


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