Kailua Target Store Opens with Plastic and Liquor Ban

The long wait of the Kailua residents has finally come to an end as the newest Target store in Windward Oahu opened. This is its third store in Oahu and it was designed architecturally based on the uniqueness of the town. This is to match the appearance of the new store to the environment and preserve the smartness of the Kailua living. The people responsible for building the store asked for feedbacks from the residents because they believe that its structure must reflect the distinctive way of living of the residents. They say that it must blend with this special place and stand out together with its people especially during important Kailua events.

With the launching of the latest Target store is the shocking policy which bans the use of plastic bags. Instead, they provided free red reusable totes on their opening and charged them with 99 cents for each bag in the evening.

This was highlighted in the Kailua news because the older Target stores are still using plastic bags and the town is unfamiliar with this policy. However, this plastic ban was already applied in other parts of Hawaii and the town was just following the implementation according to some Hawaii news. There is also a newly opened Target store on Maui, which also prohibits the use of plastic bags.

According to Honolulu’s new law, Oahu businesses are not allowed to use non-biodegradable plastic bags and non-reusable paper bags, which will be effective on July 1. On 2012, Honolulu City and County voted to ban plastic bags, according to Kailua news and Hawaii news, but they gave businesses enough time to prepare for this. The preparation will then last for three years, and this case of the new Target is the first one to try the policy. Obviously, it surprised the normal Kailua living but then, for sure, residents will get used to it.

Aside from the plastic ban, the newly opened Target doesn’t sell beers, wines, and other forms of liquors. The Honolulu Liquor Commission says that the company does not have their liquor license yet and eventually, the store will sell liquors especially many Kailua events are going to happen and some residents will include liquors in their celebrations.


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