Limiting Ka’apuni Drive: An Overview to an Unresolved Policy

The town of Kailua is much known for its beaches and the water sports and activities that people can do there. Aside from the tourists, residents also find these beaches enjoyable and they get occupations and businesses from them. It became a part of the Kailua living and most Kailua Oahu events happen there. Since the town values its environment, the officials, according to the Kailua news, are concerned about those punks who vandalize and litter within these spots of Kailua.

As the residents think that the authority finds these punks as the main problem of unsatisfying graffiti and garbage in the local area, some rumors spread rampantly, even in Hawaii news that they are going to put gates in Kaapuni Drive to limit people who are not participating to the maintenance of the Kaapuni beach. This was supposed to happen few months ago but the Kaapuni association president said in the Kailua news that he denies any legitimacy to the accusations and dismisses it as a baseless rumor. They said that they are not planning anything about restricting beach access and it will never happen.

However, some of the residents who live on the mainland and vote by proxy at the board meetings now collected enough votes to pass the motion. It was triggered by a long time resident who just passed away and whose property is for sale.

The problem in passing this motion is that the neighboring community often organizes cleanups and beautification projects will be mostly affected. These kind of Kailua events are important in preserving the sanitary Kailua living. It will take them much time and effort to enter Kaapuni Drive because the next nearest public accesses are over a half mile apart.

Concerned people of Kailua want to hinder the passing of this rule and are seeking for help on how they can talk and discuss this matter to the board members. They want to clarify things out, and if the said motion is about to implement, they want the board to rethink and reconsider other residents who may be affected. They also recommend that the authority must put their decision in Hawaii news so that everyone is updated.


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