Mahaloha Burger: The New Resident of Kailua

An exciting update hits the Kailua news as one of the best burger restaurants in the state will open in the town. Mahaloha burger is known for serving various, mouth-watering burgers that are uniquely cooked. From their Signature Burger Char-Broiled serving 100% Big Island Beef Patty, to other variants and flavors of beef patties, their menu brings the customers back to their restaurant. They also have other choices of burger for the vegetarians, for the chicken lovers, and for the fish lovers, which make them hit the Hawaii news as it reviewed and expressed approval of the restaurant’s dishes.

Perfect for the Kailua events, the residents look forward to Mahaloha burger’s opening and also the appearance of the store. It will probably match the Kailua living and blend with the distinct environment of the town. The Kailua restaurant is designed by Honolulu-based Philip White Architects so expect a gorgeous structure of this spot.

According to the vice president of operations, Tiffany Allen, they chose Kailua because it has a very good structure of population, including its locals and tourists. The Kailua living attracts too many tourists and the Kailua events, for sure, will give them high profits. Also, the opening of the new Target store will bring customers and may cause increase of sales to the nearby businesses.

Mahaloha burger’s menu in their Kailua branch will have extended choices as they will offer potato mac salad, truffle fries, supreme tater tots, and a bacon wrapped hot dog, aside from their traditional Mahaloha burgers. They will also serve wine and beer to match the taste of their menu.

The restaurant’s first branch is currently at the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki, and its second branch in Kailua, said in the Kailua news, will be opening on April 20. It will be a 1,000-square-foot sit-down restaurant and will be located at 143 Hekili St., next to Peet’s Coffee. It can be occupied by 30 people, offering both indoor and outdoor seats.

Mahaloha burger’s owner is Jesse Aguinaldo who is an alumnus of McKinley High School and the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He says in the Hawaiian news that he might expand to Kakaako and Kapolei on Oahu, Maui, and even in Japan.


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