Save our Kailua Beach

Do you love going to beach? No one can resist the clear blue waters and the powdery feel of sand between their toes. One of nature’s finest creations is best viewed when the sunset comes to end the day. A lot of beach lovers visit this beautiful paradise often. That is just one of the many perks of Kailua living. However, the biggest problem that that the beach faces is that sometimes people leave trash behind as stated by our local Kailua news. Or a lot of flotsam washes up on the shoreline. This can become an eyesore for anyone. As stewards of the earth and citizens of Kailua, we need to keep our beach clean. It is also part of Kailua Oahu living that we take pride of our sacred treasures and keep them in the best condition so that future generations can also experience what we’ve enjoyed.

By keeping the beach clean, we help decrease pollution that can be built up in oceans. Marine life is a potential victim to this pollution. As featured in the Hawaii news, our local beaches have been making headlines and their appeal has attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world. Of course as a local, we don’t want to ruin the reputation of our beautiful beaches. We want everyone to visit our lovely beaches and help spread the word.

Everyone is excited to team up with Kailua Beach Citizen Patrol in efforts to clean up the beach. This is one of the many Kailua events that promote environmental awareness. It is a community effort to help preserve the local hub. Let’s do our share by cleaning up litter and disposing them properly. They don’t belong to the oceans as they can cause harm to its inhabitants. If you’re lucky, you might get seen or even interviewed by reporters from Hawaii news and Kailua news to capture one of many Kailua events. Supplies such as gloves will be given. Kailua Beach Citizen Patrol will provide water, light snacks and a light lunch. Please help spread the news. Anyone can join. Let’s help keep our beach clean!


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