Taking Away Kailua Parking Lots: Go or No?

We all know that Kailua is one of the most outstanding tourist spots when it comes to beaches. There are many Kailua events that people in and out of the town are looking forward to, and of course, tourists are attracted to the diverse Kailua living.

It is always in the headlines of Kailua news that the town is always overpopulated by both the locals and the tourists especially during weekends and summer. This overcrowded scenario creates a very big problem in traffic most of the time. This is the main complaint of people which must be solved right away. One of the solutions of the authority is cutting off the parking lot and they want to try over the weekend if it will work.

During the dry run, they will take away parking on the bike lane side of the entire loop, and that is Alapapa Drive and Mokulua Drive. Mike Formby from Honolulu Department of Transportation Services was interviewed in the Hawaii news and he said that those who will park from the edge of the property to the bike lane side will probably get a ticket or towed.

According to his interview in the Hawaii news, they will start the ban this coming Saturday, 1 AM, and will end on Monday at 7PM.

Traffic is a very annoying and terrifying problem especially when it takes you hours before one gets out of it because there is only one outlet. On a daily basis, traffic still gets in the way along the roads to the beach. What more during holidays, summer, and other Kailua events? But aside from the congested road, overcrowding in the place also causes problems in finding parking lots.

The solution that the authority wants to implement may cause a bigger problem. If they want to cut off the parking lot, where will the other vehicles park? Will it not cause a heavy traffic too? If a person keeps on looking for a parking lot, he will keep on driving on the way, adding his car to the volume of vehicles that suffer from traffic.

This problem causes great irritation even to tourists who only enjoy the place for some time. The officials must think of more efficient solutions so that it won’t lessen the good impression for Kailua living. Everyone, however, still hopes that one day they will see an efficient and effective solution in the Kailua news.


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