Target Hits Kailua

KAILUA, Hawaii – Target, known to be one of the biggest retail chains worldwide, has recently opened its third branch on the Oahu Island. A few members of the community have expressed concerns that this chain might ruin and destroy the image of the laidback vibe of Kailua. Is the town taking baby steps towards becoming a commercial area?

There is no reason to believe that any of that is ever happening. Commercial structures like hotels don’t exist on the island. The local government is making sure that all stores and restaurants strictly comply with the green policy. Failure to do so will shut down the store’s operation.

The City and County of Honolulu are currently in talks and have considered banning the use of plastic bags. Three years ago, they had voted on this matter. With hopes of helping the environment, all seem hopeful. Later this year, a new law that states all businesses are forbidden to use non-biodegradable plastic bags as well as non-recyclable paper bags.

Target is aware of these policies and has made sure that their branch in Kailua has complied with the plastic bag ban. Many are aware of the negative effects that these manmade materials can do to the environment. Plastic bags cause litter and are toxic to both flaura and fauna that are prevalent in Kailua.

There is no visible threat that this popular retail chain or any other store will affect the beautiful island of Kailua. Its people are taking great efforts in preserving the natural beauty that has been always been an attraction to both locals and visitors.

Many efforts have included educational projects that take part in informing the local community about the importance of protecting the environment. Others have started regular cleaning programs and tree and plant planting programs to contribute to the preservation of the environment. The locals must be committed to doing their part as stewards of nature. The real challenge to all of this is persuading people to change their daily habits that could contribute to a community that is environmentally responsible.


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