The Importance of Putting Up Gates in the Kaapuni Drive

Kailua is a unique town in Honolulu County in the state of Hawaii. It is famous for its distinct Kailua living and its demographic features. Its residents give big importance to the Kailua events which make the town more interesting and attractive to the tourists. Aside from the people and their culture, Kailua is also known for having an exceptional beach. To be able to enjoy the beach, one must have the access on the right of ways. But there is a problem on these accesses. They are owned by the private sectors.

Why does it become a problem? Residents complain that these private owners want to put gates in Kaapuni Drive, says the Kailua news. Kaapuni Drive is one of the accesses to the beach, and they say that putting gates there will limit and restrict people, including the residents of the town.

The private home owners want to pass this motion because people are coming in and out of their properties freely. They also say that there were stealing happening and they want their properties to be secured. They say in the Kailua news that this policy will not hinder Kailua events such as beautification projects in the beach because the gates will be open from 6 AM and closes at 6 PM. Besides, there are still other access to the beach on which people can use. According to the Hawaii news, Kaapuni Drive is privately owned by the Kaapuni Community Association. It is, then, believed that they have the right if they want their properties to be protected.

Aside from protection from thieves, private owners are also concerned about people who are parking in their area. These people trespass the lot without the owner’s permission, and whenever they are told to move out of the lot, they get mad. These private owners just want to live at peace, they said, and what they want to push through to the authority will not reduce the dynamic Kailua living.

This concern has been reported even in the Hawaii news. The disagreement between the private owners and the local residents brings clamor to the town because both parties are just seeking for peaceful and easy way of life.

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