Why would a Senator with 2 children shoot this bill down?

Environmental activists in Kailua are in discomfort because of the current Kailua events. Sen. Jill Tokuda dumps a house bill proposing the implementation of pesticide buffer zones to restrict pesticide near schools and other sensitive areas. The action caused an outrage among the people of Kailua especially among the supporters of the said bill.

The people of Kailua ponder upon the hanging question of Sen. Tokuda’s actions, as they have expected her to support such pro-health bill that will improve Kailua living. Supporters of the bills emphasize that the bill will be for the health of the residents, as to minimize the harmful effects of the chemical pesticides, especially to school children. They cannot seem to understand Sen. Tokuda’s intentions, considering that the senator has two kids, who will be greatly benefited if the proposed bill will be approved. Sen. Tokuda didn’t disclose the reason of rejecting the house bill squarely in Hawaii news interviews, but according to one Hawaii news article, the reason behind the shooting down of the bill is the questionable capacity of the Department of Agriculture of Kailua to enforce and implement the restriction. There are some who said that Sen. Tokuda received some sort of pay from large agricultural companies for her to reject the bill without hearing, for they are the ones who will be affected negatively by the bill. Hawaii news by Civil Beat reported that the bill includes the disclosure of the pesticides used by these large companies as well as prohibition of experimental pesticides test.   However, there are no proofs of these allegations, not even in Kailua news.

The battle is not over for some of the avid supporters of the bill. They will continue to wage war against the health hazard through legitimate ways. With any luck, the senator will explain the reason behind her decisions to enlighten us with the truth and stop the wildfire of rumors. Let’s hope that the senator means well in her actions that her decisions are for the well-being of the people of Kailua, and for the improvement and advancement of Kailua living.


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Why would a Senator with 2 children shoot this bill down?

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